Temple Transmutation - Oil on Canvas
©1997  Mark Henson

This is the end of an era for the Sacred Tantra club site.

Activities began in 2003 as Explorers Club in the Portland area. The activities and events encouraged growth focussed around sacred sexuality. It has been a place to explore self imposed limits in a safe environment. A place to unfold where boundaries are respected and growth is honored. All love styles welcomed. Lives have been enriched on the quest for love and friendship.

My gratitude for this opportunity is immense. I have loved and greeted many with the newsletters and monthly puja events. The facilitators have come from all across the the US to guide us deeper into the embodied practice of being.

You may remember

The Erotic Ball and Art show - seven seasons

Sweet Medicine - intro to kink play - multiple events

Abundance at Sauvie Island - annual body painting and picnic

May you find the next growth opportunity for your health and well being.

With Incredible Love,


What this site was NOT!
This site is not a forum for pornography, erotica, dating or escort services or any other vehicle for the commercialization and commodification of, or alienation from, our bodies and sexuality.